Highly focused disease management services to decrease plan costs.

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Measurable Results For Health Plans

Highly focused disease management services help decrease plan costs.

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Plans we’ve partnered with have all seen a positive return on investment.

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Participants in our program
experience significant health
improvements within one year.

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Unlike other disease management programs, we customize our program to your needs

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What Makes Our Health
Management Plans Different?

Individualized & Risk-Based = Focused Plans That Work

Many disease management plans are opaque in their promises, practices, and results. Most offer no hard clinical or financial data to prove you the value of what you’re paying for.

That’s why we do it differently. We don’t put people in programs they don’t need, and we won’t charge you for employees who are not receiving services.

We start with your highest risk plan members to quickly impact your bottom line. Clinical and financial data is tracked to demonstrate your ROI.

Ready to improve your company's bottom line by improving plan member health?

What Makes Our Approach To Disease Management Different?

Individualized, Goal-Based Plans = Better Health & Long-Term Success

No two companies are alike. That’s why we tailor our programs, outreach, and health coaching to your health plan’s unique needs.

We build relationships, listen to goals, plan solutions, and design customized programs and outreach. We will engage, educate and empower your plan members to make life-long improvements, all while saving you money.

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Hear what other Employee Benefit Managers are
saying about Take Control:

“We previously had disease management vendors that struggled to connect with our members, and really just read through checklists based on the participant’s disease category. Take Control is different.

Our members who have worked with them have gone out of their way to tell us how beneficial their services have been and how successful they’ve been in making real life changes that are sustainable.

Additionally, Take Control has provided hard-fact, data-driven reports that show ACTUAL results and impact of cost savings — not projected or expected. When Take Control says they’re going to do something, they do it with quality and results.”

— Amanda C, Employee Benefits Program Manager


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Our coaching clients report more energy, better focus, fewer sick days and increased productivity...while plan managers see lower overall healthcare costs with happier, healthier, more productive employees. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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