Success Stories


Health and fitness journeys are unique to each individual, and programs with a one-size fits all approach don’t always work. Rexanne tried many programs in the past that were too general and didn’t help her learn the behaviors necessary to stick to her goals long term. Instead of ‘checking the box’ on another weight loss program, Rexanne made the decision to pursue gastric bypass surgery, and sought out resources that tailored support to her specific needs. The Take Control program and Health Coach Katie Delaney were the catalysts she needed to ‘check the box’ for good.

Building a Support System and Mindset

Upon enrolling in Take Control, Rexanne knew that surgery alone was not going to fix her weight issue, she also needed to tackle her relationship with food. When reflecting on her habits with food, she recalled, “If I was bored, I ate. If I was upset, I ate.” Though skeptical of coaching programs, within five minutes of speaking with Coach Katie, she knew that Katie had a true desire to assist her in reaching her long-term goals.  Rexanne became committed and was “all in” to make lasting change in her life. She shared that Coach Katie taught her the tools she needed to begin putting various forms of accountability into her life. She said, “I looked at this journey like a big puzzle. Each piece was an important part of it.” When asked what she has taken away from the Take Control program, Rexanne states that changing her way of thinking was what would make lasting change. She said, “This is my new life…Now when I have a setback, I don't see it as a failure, I see it as a learning experience. Before it was a diet, now it's a lifestyle.”

Navigating Obstacles One Step at a Time

Rexanne’s weight loss goal seemed overwhelming at first, however; her competitive nature added fuel to the fire within her. She set out to become competitive only against herself, avoiding comparison to others. Now only one pound away from her goal weight, she faces the occasional critic who tells her she is too thin. She navigates challenges and criticism with a positive attitude saying, “My mantra is to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. If I have a setback, I ask ‘what do I need to do to rectify it?’ I process it, and move forward.” Post-surgery, her mental roadblocks are much the same. Rexanne has kept a journal throughout her weight loss journey, and notes that old habits are still something she struggles with. She may catch herself sitting on the couch with an entire bag of sugary dried fruit, instead of only taking one or two pieces. While she knows she cannot achieve perfection, she has learned to acknowledge her old habits and give herself grace, while maintaining a new sense of discipline. She says, “instead of ice cream, I can have a smoothie… I just make healthier choices now.”

Being a Positive Role Model

Rexanne joined Take Control for support and guidance for weight loss surgery, but little did she know, she was going to gain so much more. She used to dread exercise, but now, running is her passion. She says, “If I get stressed or if I’m tired, instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips like I used to, I jump on the treadmill, throw on some music, and run.” Her biggest motivating factors are her improved health, quality of life, and the example she sets for those around her. As a grandmother and nurse, Rexanne is intent on being a role model for her patients and her granddaughters. She recalls that her purpose was recently reaffirmed as one of her granddaughters was able to wrap her arms around her and say, “Grandma, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re healthy now.” Rexanne was able to discontinue both her blood pressure and cholesterol medications, her asthma is no longer an issue, and her CPAP machine is a thing of the past.  “I look in the mirror and don’t see a perfect body, but a healthy individual who took control of her health and made a positive change.” Rexanne’s goals now include training for a half marathon and continuing to educate others on the role of mindset and small positive changes.


• Weight loss of 95 pounds at 9 months post-gastric bypass surgery

• Mindful eating habits

• Increased confidence to set an example for her granddaughters and patients

• A newfound passion for fitness, especially running.

• Was able to stop taking medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, and no longer uses CPAP.