Success Stories


Pregnancy brings a host of excitement, questions, and worries. Even if it’s not your first baby, new questions arise, including fears about juggling priorities and multiple children.

Randi joined Take Control’s maternal program when she was pregnant with her second child. Her employer had recently switched from a large corporate maternal health coaching provider to Take Control, so she had the opportunity to compare programs. Randi said, “There was no comparison, Take Control is a great program. They did an excellent job of encouraging me, relating to my situation, and keeping me on track.”

Randi really valued her Take Control health coaches because they were so supportive and understanding. “It was really nice to have somebody that I could relate to and talk to, to make sure I wasn’t way off base mentally and physically in comparison to other people,” Randi said. She appreciated having somebody to relate to when she had questions and concerns about her pregnancy.

The three biggest benefits Randi received from the Take Control maternal program were:

  1. Help focusing on her goals. She appreciated help directing her thoughts and having someone to check in with – she found the accountability motivational.
  2. Talking to her coach about how her month was going, what was hard about it, and the questions her coach asked to check in. She said, “It’s nice to know that someone cares at a time when you can feel very alone.”
  3. The resources that her health coaches provided each month were specific to the questions she had. They also saved her a lot of time because they would email links directly to the education or products discussed, and she didn’t have to go searching for it herself.

Shortly after Randi gave birth the COVID-19 pandemic struck. She was worried she would get post-partum depression being isolated with a new baby. Talking regularly to her coach gave her confidence that she was on track, and it reduced her stress level significantly. “The calls made me more confident in what I was doing,” Randi said. “You always feel like you need to do more. Having reassurance that I was doing a good job, trying to exercise, and eat healthy, I was doing enough at that time.”

Randi recommends the Take Control maternal program to others. She said it’s great to have experienced health professionals to answer questions, and get ideas and opinions between regular doctor appointments. The telephonic format of the calls made scheduling and appointments convenient.  


  • Healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • Back within 10 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight five months after delivery
  • Successfully navigated having a baby during the COVID pandemic