Success Stories


In the Fall of 2021, Michelle completed her annual blood work. As an active woman in her twenties, she was surprised to see several red flags in her results. Notably, she found she was struggling with consistently high blood sugar and cholesterol. She joined Take Control eager to work with Coach Linda to improve her numbers while gaining tools and resources to improve her labs. At the time, she had no idea how much change would happen over the next 12 months.

Growing up, Michelle recalls struggling with self-image. As an adult, Michelle developed self-love for her body, and while she appeared healthy and fit, Michelle says no one would have known just by looking at her that her cholesterol and blood sugar levels were less than ideal. Despite being an avid meal prepper and eating what she thought were balanced meals, an analysis of her eating habits found one of the major culprits of her blood sugar instability: snacks!

Michelle often reached for fruit snacks at work or chocolate bars after a run. Cravings were also a big obstacle for her, and becoming more mindful and intentional with snacks proved to be a game changer. Coach Linda advised working on one food at a time, and swapping for better options. As she began to add more food groups into her diet, Michelle was more satisfied with her meals, and no longer felt strong urges to reach for high-sugar snacks.

As an avid runner averaging 30 miles a week, she added strength training to her exercise routine. This required intentional meals to help her body feel nourished and recovered. Michelle no longer used weight as an indicator of health. Michelle’s mantra throughout the program became “food is fuel.” She said, “I learned that for me food is not for indulgence or picking me up when I’m tired. I want food that makes me stronger, and if I am putting this much effort into being active, I need to fuel myself to be more effective.”

For the last few years, Michelle’s blood sugar was hovering in the range of pre-diabetes. As she neared the end of her 12-month coaching program, her results dropped out of the pre-diabetic range and she could barely believe it! Coach Linda shared that Michelle’s increased muscle mass through lifting, combined with running helped reverse her insulin resistance.

Michelle’s biggest “Aha!” moment was discovering it is possible to make a difference in your life in a short period of time with the right tools. She says, “I honestly did not expect to see these results. I thought I was already doing everything right, but now I know more because I gained tools that I did not even know about."

When asked if she would encourage others to join Take Control, Michelle responds with a resounding “Yes! I felt like I was understood, and the coaching was catered to me. You will not be treated as a generic client. The program is designed for you as an individual, what works for you, and it helps you build your own habits . Linda’s authenticity is so genuine and passionate. This program was so life-giving!”


·    10 pounds of muscle mass gained

·     Reduced cholesterol and achieved remission of pre-diabetes

·     Increased Vitamin D levels.

·     Gained an open, growth-based mindset