Stress-reducing Tips for Moms of Toddlers

Shannon Jones, Take Control Health Coach

It takes a lot of energy to raise a toddler! They are always on the move, learning, very curious,and need a lot of redirection and soothing.  


Being a mom is challenging, so it is essential to find ways to unwind, manage stress, and re-charge. Juggling work, kids, and other obligations can take its toll. Self-care is integral to prevent exhaustion and burn-out. Keeping all those balls in the air is demanding and leaves very little time for moms to rest, relax, and have downtime.  


Here are a few tips to try to set aside a few minutes each day for you.  

  •  Move your body. Exercise is not only physically beneficial but can also reduce stress and improve mood. Ten minutes is enough to make an impact. Add in a brisk walk, move during your lunch hour, try a short yoga session, do a quick strength workout at home or the gym, or join a friend and work out together. 
  • Connect! Don't let your busy schedule squeeze out time for family and friends. If weekly date-nights aren't going to happen, then try to at least plan some time to connect regularly. Call friends while driving or walking to multi-task. Start a monthly "Crappy Dinner Party" with friends with young kids and embrace this chaotic time of life. 
  • Relax. Make some tea and escape in a magazine or book. The book Cribsheet by Emily Oster is a great read that can help ease anxiety while raising young kids. My favorite soothing teas to relax in the evening are Yogi Bedtime and Good Earth Good Night Tea. 
  • Eat well. Good food fuels your body. Although it is a natural tendency to put your children first, you need to nourish yourself with healthy foods too. It's good for your kids to see you practicing self-care and modeling healthy behavior. Take a few minutes to plan a few items to have on hand each week, so you have healthy options too. Here are some quick healthy freezer meals that may be useful.  Our favorite go-to meals on that post are Wild Rice Soup and Korean BBQ Beef Tacos.
  • Get More Sleep. Moms often get sucked into the "get-stuff-done" mentality, but do not skimp on sleep. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine for yourself.  


What other ways can you think of to reduce stress? Feel free to connect with your health coach to share ideas or to make a specific plan that works with your routine.