One Simple Thing New Moms Can Do Today to Maintain Your Identity

By Lindsay Watkins, RD, IBCLC, Take Control Health Coach

Sometimes in the midst of transitioning to your role as a new mom, you can feel like you’re losing your pre-baby identity. In the early days, you’re exhausted and mentally drained, and everything you do revolves around baby stuff. Even your friends are calling you “mama” and it seems like your life will forever be a series of diaper changes, feedings and nap schedules. One simple thing you can do each day to maintain your identity is to incorporate activities that you did before you had kids. It might not be luxurious or perfect in the early days and that’s okay. Even a 20 minute (solo) walk, watching a show with your husband, or reading your favorite book before bed can be rejuvenating. Once your baby is sleeping better and you have a bit more time and energy, meet a friend for coffee or plan a ski or concert date with your husband. Ask your husband for help and if you don’t have family nearby, hire a babysitter or trade babysitting hours with a friend. Never feel guilty for leaving your baby to get much-needed time for yourself. You will likely return feeling refreshed, patient, and more motivated to be a great parent. You’ll be surprised how this simple change can be such a huge mental boost!

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