Why Take Control's Nicotine Program WORKS!

Laura Del Guerra, RD, CDE, Take Control Health Coach

There are many ways to quit using nicotine, but people who work with Take Control health coaches have a greater chance of success. Here is why:

  • We will help you address and neutralize negative feelings about addiction, and talk about the “bad” or “good” things associated with nicotine.

  • We will help you understand the different layers of addiction, and make sure that you are heard, understood, and respected.  

  • Quitting can be overwhelming, so a slow approach is the most effective. We will take the time needed to discuss your fears, phobias, and present the facts.

  • It is a fallacy that people who stop nicotine in any form (smokeless tobacco, smoking, vapes) will automatically gain weight. Often times movement can be the perfect substitute for a hit of nicotine. Focusing on quitting, while being coached and supported, is a successful way for healthy habits to crowd out the unhealthy.

  • We provide education about different methods of quitting -- from “cold turkey” to “cutting back,” and an understanding of the use of medications, and/or combination of nicotine replacement therapy.

  • We help you understand withdrawal – what to expect, how to cope with it, and strategies to stay successful.

  • We conduct product-specific coaching: not all nicotine products are the same. Whether it’s smokeless tobacco, cigarettes, nicotine replacement therapy, vapes, or e-cigarettes, we coach you based on the product(s) you’re trying to quit, individualized to your unique situation.

  • We provide a non-judgmental place to work through the addiction.

  • We will help you recognize and fully understand where you stand with your nicotine use.

  • We will support your mental, physical, and spiritual needs as you go through YOUR journey. Encouraging small, healthy, nutritional, sleep pattern, and mind-body changes that will enhance your success.

  • We always put the PERSON first, rather than the addiction.

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will never read from a script. It is an individualized program, because every person is unique.

Over the past two years, 91% of the people we've worked with have quit using nicotine. We'd love to help you become nicotine-free and achieve the health goals you desire.