Take Control things we Bought and Liked: Holiday Gift Guide

Take Control Staff

The holiday gift-giving season is here! At Take Control we are here to help you learn skills, habits, and find the tools to be the best version of yourself. Our Team works hard to take care of our health and fitness, and this year we are sharing some of our favorite things we have bought and liked. Use our Take Control Gift Guide to help you give the gift of health and fitness this year. Each recommendation includes a clickable link for easy purchasing.

Coach Shannon’s Top Picks:

Glute Bands: These bands are anti-slip & anti-roll elastic workout bands for glute and hip training. Great for lower body banded work.

Nuun Electrolyte Tablets: I use these for rapid rehydration. They have no artificial sweeteners, are low in sugar, and is a clean product. We always have these on hand at home or traveling. My family will get these in their stockings!

Feetures Socks: These are my go-to workout socks. They have seamless toes and reduced blister risk. Bonus: they have a lifetime guarantee which is one of my favorite things about them.

Coach Katie’s Top Picks:

Resistance bands: These are so versatile. They can be used for any workout and will go anywhere. I love using them for traveling to ensure I can get my workout in.  

Cuisinart cutting board with knife set: I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen chopping, dicing, or cutting. Especially with my kiddos chopping fruit! This is a must-have in the kitchen. They are easy to clean and have a variety of knives to use with different produce.

Oil Mister: I love, love this! A great tool for roasting veggies, baking, BBQ, frying, or on salads. I use this almost every day while cooking.

Coach Kat’s Top Picks:

Body Glove inflatable Paddle board: I love this for so many reasons. Initially, I got it for a good core workout, but not only did it turn out to be core burner, it is a fabulous mind-body exercise. It’s my ZEN! I even sleep better after some time on my board.

Fabletics Athletic Wear: I teach yoga throughout the week and have personal training clients. I appreciate a good fitting exercise legging. I don’t have to tug these in place after a downward dog and they wear like a champ. The PowerHold high-waisted 7/8 leggings are my favorite. Downside is you do have to become a member.  

Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden: I enjoy cooking what is in season and this book educated me and re-ignited my passion for cooking with vegetables. I, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cookbook.

Coach Lauren’s Top Picks:

Stasher bags: These completely eliminate the need for plastic bags. There is also less toxin exposure compared to use of plastic, Woohoo! They are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them very easy. If that’s not enough to make you want them, they are microwave safe – and you can even make popcorn in them! Truly if you don’t have them, you need them!  

Swedish Dishcloths: These are reusable and decrease the use of paper towels. They are also very sturdy which I like.

Coach Linda’s Top Picks:

Vegetable Chopper: Chopping vegetables has never been easier since making this purchase!

Toaster Oven: Roasting veggies and heating up leftovers is better than ever!

Glass Mason Jars: Storing food and beverage never looked so good (so much variety of glass jars) and it’s safer without plastic storage!

Coach Lindsay’s Top Picks:

Natural Vitality Calm – A magnesium supplement  - Many Americans are deficient in magnesium. This delicious drink promotes good sleep, helps with muscle cramps. constipation and more. I drink it hot before bedtime and find that it really improves my sleep!

Goody Ouchless Forever Elastic Hair Ties – These are especially great for thick hair when you need a good tight pony tail – think running or a HIIT class. They also don’t stretch out and they last forever!

Lululemon Align Leggings – These are butter soft, light, comfortable and flattering. Great for an intense workout, yoga or just lounging around. They have a crazy amount of stretch which makes them great for pregnancy and post-partum too. I like the 25” for a perfectly cropped above the ankle look. (I’m 5’5” for reference) For a less expensive option, these Amazon dupes are almost as good for less than ¼ of the price!  

Coach Laura’s Top Picks:

Vegetable peeler: I’d used the ’old fashioned’ peeler for years when my sister sent me this one. It is super sharp, and there's no more crazy wrist-flicking to peel vegetables. I buy these in the 3-pack frequently and gift them to friends and family

Zester: I’m not a cook and when I got this as a gift, I stuck it in the back of the drawer. I pulled it out when I started a Hello Fresh subscription with recipes that called for zesting different ingredients. Zesting adds so much additional flavor! Be careful though….it is super sharp and I have zested my knuckles a few times.

YakTrax Spikes for Snow and Ice: My original thought was to get these to keep walking outside this winter. Now they are doing double duty helping to ensure I don’t fall while my arm heals post-surgery. So far, they are working really well. I have a pair on my boots and a second pair on my tennis shoes.

Coach Richel’s Top Picks:

12-sided Exercise Dice: I think the dice is a fun way create a HIIT workout and a great gift idea for the fitness enthusiast.

Citrus Juicer: I love the juice squeezer because it is quick to use for juicing lemons and limes without getting any seeds!

Olivia’s Top Picks:

Belt Bag: This is my favorite belt bag. I use it when walking to hold all my things. Some bags are too big and bulky or hard to carry, but this is the perfect size for an easy carry without adding too much weight.

Citrus Squeezer: I got this from a coach on our team. It is one of her favorite things and now its become one of my favorite things too! I not only using it for cooking, but also for my adding citrus to my water every day. It is so easy to use!

Nike Flyknit Women’s Shoes: These shoes are the best walking shoes I've ever had. The cushion is amazing for walking. I've walked so many miles in these. They are pricy, but well worth it!

Stefanie’s Top Picks:

CPT Fit App: I love this app if I need a routine at the gym or just want to work out while at home or traveling. It offers workout scheduling with reminders, progress tracking, easy to follow video workouts with step-by-step instructions, an online community and even recipes! If you break down the cost it is $0.28 a day if you pay for a year. You get workouts from an incredible trainer and former athlete. There are lots of fitness apps out there but this one has been my favorite and offers all levels and types of programs.

Garlic Roll Peeler: Nothing worse than peeling garlic by hand! This roller allows you to easily roll garlic cloves and the outer skin peels off easily. This is a time saver and saves your hands from the lingering garlic smell. My mom has always had this in her kitchen so I knew I had to get one!

Kitchen Scale: A scale is so useful for precise baking and for portion control. I use my scale to weigh everything from coffee grinds in the morning to portioning out prepped lunches for myself and my husband each week. I love that it offers a variety of measurement types and tares out the scale for you.

Erin’s Top Picks:

Rice cooker: I like my cooking to be quick and easy. This kitchen gadget is exactly that! It cooks your rice PERFECTLY as you prepare the rest of your meal. It even shuts itself off and keeps the rice warm.

Montana Gold Tea: It is delicious and caffeine-free. I love it hot or iced and it is a great way to get extra hydration during the dry winter months. It can be found locally in Missoula at The Good Food Store and Rockin Rudy's.

Get a dog:  You will never miss your walk. Even when it's really cold outside. 😊