Success in Maternal Health

Laura Del Guerra, RD, CDE

September 30, 2019

Take Control’s maternal health program continues to provide impressive results. Healthy pregnancies, successful deliveries, and great post-partum care for both mother and infant result in improved health of mom and baby as well as health plan savings.  

Our maternal health coaches help expectant moms simplify the overwhelming amount of information and life changes that come with pregnancy and motherhood. We help new moms create positive life-long habits and reduce post-partum weight retention that can lead to health risks down the road.

Unlike most disease management companies, Take Control measures and reports our clinical outcomes annually to participating groups. For maternal health, we track metrics such as maternal age, pregnancy number, breastfeeding rates, maternal weight gain, Cesarean section rate, gestational diabetes occurrences, postpartum depression, and quality of life measurements.

We’re proud of the improved health our new moms have achieved. Healthier moms mean healthier, happy babies. And that translates into lower health claim costs.