New Mom Conveniences: Home Delivery Meal Kits

Katie Delaney, RD, Take Control Health Coach

Having a baby is a beautiful but challenging journey, with many twists and turns along the way. Your role as a new mom takes precedence over every area in your life. Carving out time for date nights, meal planning, and grocery shopping seems almost impossible. Many of us feel pressure to be the “perfect mom” – trying to keep a clean house, do laundry, and cook a healthy, balanced meal for our family.

After having my son, I fell into a cooking funk, even as a dietitian! I had the tools, but the motivation and desire had diminished. In addition, I live in a rural setting, which makes grocery shopping even more daunting. Hoping to spark my cooking interest again, I decided to try a couple of different home delivery meal kits.

I found the web sites and online ordering to be easy and quick. You can go online at your convenience, for example when your little one is nursing or napping, and choose your meal and delivery options. It was fun and inspiring to select the meal options. Each site has options such as 2 or 4 servings, meat dishes, vegetarian, Weight Watchers themed, family friendly, and more. Most of the sites can accommodate food allergies and other preferences. The prices range from $50/week to $75/week for 2 servings and 2 to 4 meals. So, it is not the least expensive way to cook, but it’s definitely the most convenient way to cook healthy meals.

I was so excited when I received my first meal package! It was amazing to not have to run to the grocery store, or even plan a meal! The kits come with detailed instructions, and every single ingredient you need for the recipe, including spices and liquids. Even though I still needed to prepare the meal, the convenience of not having to travel to town was wonderful. As an added bonus, having the recipes and ingredients right there made it easier for my husband to share in the cooking!

I used the home delivery option as a stepping stone while I transitioned into my new role. Not only did it make cooking quick and easy, but it wasn’t long until I felt inspired again, and was ready to do it on my own. As an added bonus, I still had all their recipes to add to my file for use at any time!

If you have the ability to use these meal kits, it will give you one less “to do” on your list, and will make this new rhythm as a mom easier. Most companies offer discounts for new users. You can use it for one month, six months, or forever, whatever makes your life easier. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling with meal planning and cooking for your family. Let the fun begin!

Some Meal Kit Delivery Options:

· Hello Fresh (I personally used)

· Blue Apron (I personally used)

· Home Chef

· Green Chef

· Freshly

· Plated