7 Simple Tips to Stick with Exercise Goals

By Kelly Sedgwick, Take Control Health Coach

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to set an exercise goal, stick with it for a few weeks, and then next thing you know you are off track and not following through?  Use these simple tricks to help you stick with it:

  • Show up for yourself – recognize that the goals you set are goals you set for you, and no one else. It’s a commitment to yourself and you set it for a reason.  
  • Book it – decide the best time of day, and schedule it like you would an appointment - “treadmill time.”
  • Be gym-bag ready – find the gym bag you used back when going to the gym was a regular thing.  Clean it up and stock it with its own supply of essentials so you won’t be transporting your household supply of deodorant, shampoo, vitamins, and Q-tips back and forth to the gym.
  • Pre-workout setup – If you plan to exercise outside or at home rather than travel to the gym, set things out the night before. Get your water and towel ready, have workout clothes set out so you’re not fumbling in the dark while others are sleeping, and know which playlist you want for motivation the next morning. The more you can do the night before, the easier it will be to show up for yourself.
  • Set a reminder – let your calendar alert be part of your “workout buddy” system.  Set it to remind you to prep the gym bag for the next morning, or an hour before bedtime to remind yourself to get to bed early.    
  • Make it a habit – be consistent. Once you’ve set things in place, you’ve got things planned, scheduled, prepped and ready, just follow through. One day at a time. Consistently.  
  • Reward yourself – it takes work to set things in motion that create change and new, healthier habits. Reward yourself for it. Treat yourself to something as a reward – a new pair of shoes, workout clothes, or an evening out at a concert. Be creative with it. The best rewards are those that support the habit and make it easier to continue doing.

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